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SmartStuff is created for the way kids live by designers who know youth furniture. Every single piece in each of collection is built for your child’s room to ensure safety, style and functionality while still being affordable for parents but equally fun for kids.

SmartStuff features adjustable reading lights, hidden in the post of a bed, may be a pirate’s lantern to a five-year-old or an indispensible study tool for a 15-year-old. Secret, felt-lined storage in a cheval mirror, perfect for hair ribbons and doll accessories today, corrals trendy jewelry and soccer medals tomorrow. Nightstands are more than a resting spot for storybooks, with built-in patented charging stations and nightlights. There is a hidden storage compartment in every dresser.

Youth furniture should anticipate the needs and whims of kids, starting with a child and continuing through the teenage years. To learn more about SmartStuff and where to find a SmartStuff Retailer near you please visit

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